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Coming Soon to a Shabbos near you!

The SHABUS app is a free world-wide Jewish community network connecting members for Shabbat hosting, events, concerts, and much more. Its user interface, allows members to host or be hosted for Shabbos, and help each other connect with fellow Jewish men, women and families around the world.


SHABUS app offers the following features:


- Members host or be hosted for Shabbat in 50 countries and 1000 cities.

- Schedule of SHABUS trips, and events by colleges and communities.

- The SHABUS Challenge - turning off electronic devices for 24 hours. Uploading pictures before and      after Shabbos and  status updates to a global feed thru the App.

- Easy messaging with push notification.

- Dvar Torah of the weekly Shabbat Parsha (Torah Portion) by renowned Rabbis across the globe.

- Candle lighting times worldwide.

- Video and picture sharing and friending and connecting with other members.


Creating a profile on the app also gives you instant access to our online live network. This includes a video library of content all about Shabbos and much more.

Welcome to the SHABUS online community!

We don’t roll on Shabbos, we Rock!

In six days, God created the world. On the seventh day, his creating was complete: He rested. And just like Him, we too rest. We stop our creating. We dedicate a day to stop trying to control the physical world around us, and just enjoy The present.

Enter Shabbos. Our sabbath. Our Shabbat. No matter how it’s spelled, without it, the world cannot exist. In today’s society, where so many distractions are pulling us apart, Shabbos provides the “glue” to hold us together as a people. Shabbos truly “unifies all of the Jews” Our cellphones are turned off, and our spiritual antenna are turned on.

This 24 hours of spirituality coupled with a structure of family meals, kiddish gatherings and prayers, establishes the perfect environment for disconnecting from life’s many distractions and reconnecting with ourselves, our family and the people who are most important to us.

Shabbos is an ancient idea that is also a radical one. We appreciate its relevance in the world now more than ever before. Shabbos comes as a solution to the strains of the world – an ancient solution to a modern problem. As communities across the globe have not been spared the devastation of social distancing brought by the plague of Covid, Shabbos is there to unite and bring positivity and joy to Jews throughout the world.

A shining light in a time of darkness. On Shabbos we abandon worldly pursuits and turn our gaze to the riches of our heritage and family. A spirit of joy prevails, all forms of mourning are forbidden. Refraining from work, though it may entail discipline, is considered a way of casting off burdens. Shabbos is a gift that is treasured by the Jewish people, and it has held us together through the centuries.

“More than the Jews kept the Shabbos, the Shabbos kept the Jews”​

The brainchild of Gad Elbaz, DJ KLMN and Zvika Bornstein, the SHABUS is a mobile concert stage, recording Studio, and synagogue, traveling throughout the United States with renown Jewish Singers, celebrities, and musicians spreading the message, for all Jews to -


The SHABUS team will be traveling throughout Jewish communities and on college campuses across the US and presenting the amazing Shabbos experience, 24 hours of joy, connection, and spirituality. Beginning with a Thursday night Chala Bake, pre Shabbos Friday afternoon "Rave with a Rav", Shabbos meals and prayers, and culminating Saturday night with a free inspiring concert, creating an amazing experience filled with song, Jewish pride and joy.

By joining us as a founding supporter of The SHABUS Project you will have the merit of promoting the most important outreach project in the world – SHABBOS!



Is an Israeli Megastar who is currently the most recognized name and face in Jewish music worldwide. With millions of hits on his YouTube music videos, Gad transformed and led the evolution of the Jewish music scene, elevating the standard of excitement and quality, and today he is one of the top recording and performance artists in the Jewish music industry.



DJ KLMN began disk jockeying at the age of six using his father’s record collection which was considered one of the largest private library of pop, rock, jazz, and African music in the world. He started his professional career performing with electronic music pioneer Marcus Moncrief and is considered one of the fathers of the BeatHive house movement.

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Zvika Bornstein has been producing, directing and choreographing for the last 20 years. He is on the board of The Stage Directors and choreographers Society, and an AEA union member. Zvika’s professional credits include 3 Broadway national tours, and has produced and directed original productions such as American Collage, Dibuk, and Talent 101 (Midtown Theater),  Zvika's most recent musical, Yosef, was written in collaboration with Gad Elbaz, using many of his hit songs.

Zvika is also a song writer and lyricist, and has written many of Gad Elbaz’s hit songs. He has choreographed many Jewish music videos, that are viewed by millions internationally, and is a frequent choreographer and performer at Chai Lifeline’s Camp Simcha. Within Jewish entertainment, Zvika produces and directs various mega concerts and shows, with many of the top superstars of the Jewish music world. Some of these shows have taken place at the most prestigious venues on-stage and online, including Madison Square Garden, the Venetian Vegas, the Central Park SummerStage, Broadway and Warner Brothers Television. 



The goal is to raise funds for the SHABUS magical wonder tour across the USA, 26 cities, 18 colleges, and promote Jewish pride. Promoting Shabbos in this way is in direct response to the growing numbers of young people that are assimilating and have never experience Shabbos before.

Lookout for the “SHABUS” it maybe coming to your town next!



Anyone who merits an Aliya on the SHABUS, will merit to get aboard one of our SHABUS weekends in a city or a college.  They will also get a honorable mention on the SHABUS site, the SHABUS Minyan, and at the concert. 


Logo and dedication on SHABUS

Donate $5,000



Aliyah COHEN

Donate $1,800


Aliya LEVI

Donate $1,000



Donate $540



Donate $360



Donate $360



Donate $540


Aliyah SHVIE

Donate $360



Donate $1,800



Donate $100


Donate $50


Donate $36


Donate $18



Supporters and benefactors will get an online mention.

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