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A New Performance with Inspirational Stories of Gad Elbaz’s Life Journey on an Intimate level, Sharing his Stories and singing his Top Hits.

One on One!


I was about to cross the finish line … I saw my friend behind me, pushing me. I fell head first on the curb losing consciousness Right Away, I blacked out.


My father saw all this from the kitchen window, running down the stairs, he came to me and felt my heart was not beating, paramedics trying to revive me… with no response.  


He picked me up, crying to Hashem, my father said “take whatever you want from me but not my son Gad, I’m not Avraham Avinu”. My father promised that he will be Worshiping good, and will dedicate his life and mine to “heavenly g-d” to spread and honor his name.


I suddenly gained consciousness, “I saw things” I told father…


I understood from this that we all have a purpose in life, my purpose is to be a shaliach for Hashem through my music.

"I saw things, I came here for a reason"

Life’s journey

I was lucky as a child to touch all walks of Jewish life, from Chabad, to a secular school, and then in Sephardi yeshiva. Davening in different Ashkenazi shuls, I was always jumping around from place to place. This gave me the opportunity to bridge the gap between all colors of Jewish life.


When I was a teenager, I had this burning question. Do I believe in Hashem because of my father, or because of me? I starting exploring …looking for reasons.


It took me 3 years to answer my questions, let me tell you my journey…

The captain’s orders

It was the day before Yom Kippur, my worry was where do I spent such an important day.


So I decide to spend in 770 ChaBad and then take my connection to Israel. But G-D has his own plans.  


Nobody was willing to help me but the captain of the plane... “If you exist show me you exist before Yom Kippur, send me a sign” Helping the captain was my purpose.

"I grew up touching all walks of Jewish lifE"

The story behind Caesarea

It was a month before the biggest concert of my career, I received a call, informing me that my main sponsor has backed out.


Here I am standing with no money, a month before the big day, there was no way I was going to cancel the concert, this will be the first time a religious artist is going to perform in amphitheater Caesarea, I can't give up….

Introduction to

Gad is an Israeli Megastar who is currently the most recognized name and face in Jewish music worldwide. With millions of hits on his YouTube music videos, Gad transformed and led the evolution of the Jewish music scene, elevating the standard of excitement and quality, and today he is one of the top recording and performance artists in the Jewish music industry.

Gad is reaching audiences around the world as his music and message of unity are being embraced by Jewish communities worldwide. His goal is to help people renew their faith through music and empower them to live their lives with an open heart, faith in themselves and faith in G-d.

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