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GEULA Limited Edition (Collector’s Item)

The New Album & Magazine of "GEULA"

Only 2023 Copies

Gad’s forthcoming album will be a first of its kind in that each copy will be accompanied by a digital magazine that features inspiring words from Rabbis from around the globe about stories of Geula from their personal lives and the Torah. 

We are proud to announce the first of its kind “Limited Edition GEULA AlbuMagazine”.  The Album has 28 original tracks that includes special guest appearances, lyrics of the songs, inspiring messages from Rabbis from around the world about the “Geula”. The magazine combines, music, words of inspiration & Jewish art selected by Gad himself.  By scanning individual barcodes you can support individual Rabbis, Jewish artists, the first Jewish Torah & Art School "Yotzer Ohr". The Album and Magazine will be available in both digital and hardcopy format in 2023.  There will be only 2,023 copies available making this a “Collector’s Item”.  

For $360 instead of $500

The pre-order price is available for a limited time which is

March 23, 2023




Gad has combined his passion for

Art, Torah and Jewish Education

by creating a platform which is designed to support the following:

  • Artists to display their art work

  • Rabbis to share inspirational words of Geula

  • Music to inspire and elevate the soul


The inspiration for this platform came from Gads involvement as the art director for the

“Yotzer Ohr Torah & Art School”



This platform will fund and

support the following:

  • Yotzer Ohr Torah & Art School.

  • Jewish families that cannot afford the tuition for private Jewish education.

  • Direct donations to the Rabbis who participated in Geula AlbuMagazine.

  • Rabbi’s & organizations that do not have the funding to provide kosher entertainment for their community.

  • Direct donations to the various activities of #GADGIVES


Gad is a spiritual leader who has devoted his life to positively impact the Jewish community.

He has created a vessel  #GADGIVES

to give back to Jewish communities.


#GADGIVES supports the following initiatives:

  • The Shabus

  •  It’s All About Love

  • Chessed Fund

  • Yotzer Ohr

  • Tehilat Yitzchak


JOIN GAD to bring closer the GEULA!