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Gad is an Israeli Megastar who is currently the most recognized name and face in Jewish music worldwide. With millions of hits on his YouTube music videos, Gad transformed and led the evolution of the Jewish music scene, elevating the standard of excitement and quality, and today he is one of the top recording and performance artists in the Jewish music industry.

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Gad’s relationship with the Enlight Unite Foundation-The Enlight Unite Foundation is using Gad Elbaz’s content to create unity, promote kindness and raise awareness against antisemitism through its worldwide student network.   

Gad is the face of the Enlight Unite Foundation and a celebrity ambassador. As an Ambassador for Peace with the Enlight Unite Foundation, Gad travels the world with the foundation and his team to share the foundation’s plans for bringing peace to our world through music. To that end, he meets with Nobel Peace Prize winners, people in the music and film industries, foundation collaborators, program coordinators, schools, and students of all ages. Gad’s goal is to give back to the foundation 10% as part of his philanthropy.

From key issues, such as the youth vaping epidemic, hate and racism/antisemitism, human trafficking, environmental concerns, and more, music lyrics can be used to highlight the brotherhood of all mankind. No matter the issue, race, culture, age, or religion, there is one thing everyone can agree on, that our world will be much better with peace. The mission of the Enlight Unite Foundation is to change the narrative that currently exists in our world today and to promote Peace, Unity, Love and Kindness. The education deliverables are in the areas of holocaust education, bullying, hate, racism and Anti-Semitism.  The contests use music to inspire peace, love, kindness and unity. Our distribution platform currently serves 3 of the largest organizations which are making the most impactful change in the world today. The PeaceJam Foundation serves students in 200 countries, educating students with service learning projects and is led by 14 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.  Jobs For America’s Graduates is the #1 school to post-secondary to career program in the United States serving students in 1,650 schools in 38 states.  Dance For Kindness is the largest worldwide kindness campaign providing engaging activities through song and dance in 65 countries.

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Yotzer Ohr Jewish Art School

Gad has a passion for music, art and education and has a desire to take all of his experience, talent and resources to impact students in a massive way. He will create the first ever model of a Jewish Art School to help guide young talent to navigate and achieve success in the art and entertainment world. He will bring his team, which are in the top in their field. Followed by a virtual Jewish Art School. 

The Shefa House is an exclusive membership that is designed to create an environment for Jewish people to connect.

The Shefa House will host high-end kosher entertainment, top chefs, exclusive live events, artists appearances, influential speakers, Shefa House Shabbaton, and special random appearances by Gad. 


Rabbi Yitzchak Lasry 

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Is an inspirational speaker, educator, author, and life coach who has inspired hundreds of people
by lecturing internationally on topics of Torah Thought, Self Development, Psychology, and Leadership and relationships.

His is the Rabbi of the synagogue-Tehilat Yitzchak Center which is a Sephardic community In Hollywood. He connects everyone together with beautiful prayers, activities for kids, and events for woman & torah classes. 

Rabbi Lasry gives classes on a weekly basis about he Parasha, Self Development, Relationship and more.. 

He is also known as a Life Coach & and specializes in Couples Therapy.  He helps people
to improve their life, and to rebuild their relationships. 

You can visit his websites:

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